How Solar Energy Works?

When Creating the commitment to put in a solar energy system in your premises, You might wish to understand how you are going to be generating clean electricity:

  • Sunlight strikes your solar panels also generates energy.
  • The Sunlight Energy is converted to Electricity.
  • The electricity is used as required and surplus power is delivered back to a bidirectional meter.
  • Excess electricity is delivered from your own meter to the utility grid also assembles a”bank” of credits.
  • Your utility company offers power at night following your”bank” of credits are utilized.

How You Save

When you pre-qualify to get a complimentary, in-home consultation, an expert solar professional will review your energy use with you. In case you’ve got a high power bill along with your roofing receives a whole lot of sunlight, you are already a fantastic candidate for purposeful monthly savings.

Your savings are determined by several factors, such as:

Electricity use
Electricity price
Roof area
Shading in your own roof & house
Roof location & tilt

How You Qualify?

When you go solar, you get more than savings — you get peace of mind. Qualification and savings are determined by multiple factors, including:

Owning your home
Electricity usage & cost
Age & condition of your roof
Roof space
Shading on your roof & property
Roof position & tilt

What to Expect During the Solar Process

Free, No-Obligation Consultation
Solar Program Enrollment
Site Assessment, Design, Permitting & Installation
Final Inspection & Activation

The Only Energy Solution You Need