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Bay Area Solar is an owner-operated company committed to deliver a First-class expertise to our customers through their way to cleaner, price-protected electricity produced by the sun.

Dedicated to the client experience as we offer cheap energy choices to qualified homeowners. We manage the whole process from solar enrollment through customized layout, engineering, permitting, installation and activation of each method to ensure a smooth transition into renewable energy.

Flexible Payment Options – We provide customized Payment plans which could contain $0 upfront price so that you may save 20-30% OFF your electrical bill instantly.

Long Term Price Protection – We provide upfront rates for your electricity for the next 25 years and can guarantee that our prices will be lower than your electric company based on the program you choose.

Worry-Free Maintenance & Monitoring – We supply Free system monitoring and maintenance to make sure your system is obviously working optimally within a lot of our applications

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    In Bay Area Solar, we are redefining what it means to become a part of a community. We cherish the solar community we’re building which is included of our clients, workers, and neighborhoods which we support. When you select Bay Area Solar, you select Family.

    Price Protection Bay Area Solar

    Long Term Price Protection

    Customized Design, Engineering

    Customized Design, Engineering

    Worry-Free Maintenance

    Worry-Free Maintenance


    Contact us to see whether you quality for California, state and utility benefits towards your own solar panel system.

    Initial Consultation

    If you qualify for a solar panel system, our team will reach out to you personally by email or phone to discuss next steps.

    On-site Assessment

    Our installers will see your house to conduct an appraisal and supply an entirely FREE no-obligation estimate.

    If approved

    Our staff will deal with all the design, engineering, and setup of your brand-new Bay Area solar panel program.

    Bay Area Solar custom designs, engineers and installs every system to maximize solar output, savings, and aesthetic appeal.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Your solar supplier Can’t guarantee exactly what your invoice from the Utility company will probably be later going solar. The invoice will be dependent on the quantity of energy you use in the grid following your solar generation is subtracted, which has been introduced to you as a quote based on your use from the past calendar year. It doesn’t factor in any alterations in future energy use, such as installing a pool or even a spa on your premises.

    Yes, you may Keep on receiving a bill in the utility Firm for basic service and some other electricity needs not provided by your own solar system. You’ll get another invoice for your own solar support arrangement.

    When the sun goes down, any extra energy you produce during the day is pushed back into the grid, offsetting your electricity usage at night or when it is cloudy. Throughout the sunny summertime your system will create the maximum energy, hence the credits you have earned during these days of overproduction will be helpful during winter months once the days are shorter.

    We Provide free monitoring and maintenance so that we Can identify problems and fix them so is supplied as a member of a number of our applications. In addition, we offer you real-time tracking applications to everyone our clients which will let you keep track of your energy use from the smartphone or computer, so you will learn whether you aren’t generating as far as you ought to be.

    A warranty that covers the solar generating equipment (panels and inverters) to the life span of this service contract is supplied as a member of a number of our applications. These programs provide “worry-free” care since it is cared for at no expense to you.

    In the event of your pass, your heirs will have the Ability to Experience solar savings simply by continuing to create your monthly obligations. Should they market the house, they can move the solar arrangement to the house buyer.

    If you sell your home, you can move your solar arrangement into the homeowner pursuant to the terms of your solar service arrangement. The practice is extremely easy and provides electricity savings, which is a great selling point when your home is on the market. The Momentum Solar Customer Experience staff will walk you through the entire process, but it is vital that you contact us by email at or by telephone as soon as you decide to sell your house.

    The reason to get a 20 or 25-year term is to keep your rate per kwh as low as you can. Your solar savings are either locked in or predictable So that you may enjoy peace of mind for a long time to come.

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