About Bay Area Solar

Flexible Payment Options – We provide customized Payment plans which could contain $0 upfront price so that you may save 20-30% OFF your electrical bill instantly.

Long Term Price Protection – We provide upfront rates for your electricity for the next 25 years and can guarantee that our prices will be lower than your electric company based on the program you choose.

Worry-Free Maintenance & Monitoring – We supply Free system monitoring and maintenance to make sure your system is obviously working optimally within a lot of our applications

Lower Your Energy Costs

Due to state and federal incentives, qualified homeowners Can reduce their monthly electrical bill with solar power for no cash out-of-pocket. With incentives decreasing in the end of 2019, it actually pays to act today!

Building a Better Tomorrow

Renewable energy is Demonstrated to Decrease carbon emissions from Harmful fossil fuels Switching to solar helps produce cleaner air today while building a better tomorrow for future generations. Every solar system can make a difference — begin a move to solarize your neighborhood!

The Only Energy Solution You Need